What Inspires Me

What Inspires Me

Finding Inspiration for my creations

Flowers are where it all begins for me. The colors, the beautiful fragrant scents, and the shape of the petals creating each flower. Where ever I am I always notice the flowers...in the garden, walking by the floral shops, and when I am walking my dogs in the neighborhood, as I pass each home Im always checking out their flowers planted in front of their homes. Spring Fresh Roses are especially enticing for me as the scent of Roses is one of my favorites.

For years Ive always wanted to create perfumes and was mixing my perfumes to create my own unique scents.

Ive had horses for years and with owning horses comes cleaning your leather tack. Leather cleaners made my hands dry and so I decided to create my own saddle soap and scented it with a pina colada type of fragrance. Everyone that was near me while I using my handmade soap commented on how they loved the scent and they too would like to try my tack soap. Some even commented I want it for myself !!! and with that I started making handmade soaps for my friends. 

Next, I decided I wanted to try making bath bombs, the kind that really moisturized your skin. I have dry skin and the lotions that I was using were not helping. Once I made my first butter bomb I was hooked because after my bath I no longer needed to use lotion and my skin felt so soft and hydrated. 

With my passion of handmade soap and bath bombs I wanted to use only the best ingredients. 60% of what we put on our body gets absorbed through our skin, so I wanted to be sure I was using fragrances that were Phthalate free and Paraban free. The plant butters and oils needed to be either Organic, or Natural and Cold Processed, so that my skin could benefit from them. 

I also started making my own facial products with all natural or organic ingredients. My friends were commenting on the glow of my skin and I shared with them what I was doing. They asked if I would make them products too. 

Going back to my love of flowers I took organic rose petals, lavender, Chamomile, and Calendula and infused them in Organic Virgin Olive Oil and I left them in the sun for 2 months with only using the sun as my source of heat so that I could be sure not to lose the benefits of each flower. 

I use these infused oils in my handmade soaps and facial and body products. I start each creation with a scent and from there I imagine what that scent should look like. I start with my nose and I finish with my eyes you could say when I start to create. 

I have a love of flowers and I try to incorporate whenever possible......



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