Mermaid Mist Artisan Soap

Silk & Shea Luxury Artisan Soap -Handmade with natural oils and Shea Butter then infused with Cruelty Free Silk. This is luxurious and moisturizing detergent free soap bar that will leave your skin silky soft !!! Scent lovers What’s your vibe ? We have a scent just for you !!!

Scented in our Black Orchid & Sea Mist Fragrance Blend. 

Black Orchid & Sea Mist - is a luxurious and sensual fragrance. Sweet and salty oceanic scent blended with rich black musk, dark plum, amber, and vanilla with an infusion of spicy cardamom and clove essential oils. This is a unisex scent that men and women will both love. 

No Animal Testing, Cruelty Free, No Parabens, No Phthalates, sulphate Free, sustainably resourced.